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    An Oil and Gas Software
    GDS Ware
    Manage All Your Processes.
    Analyze All Your Data.
    From 1 location.
    On Any Device.

THE Oil and Gas ERP System.

A software built to help Oil & Gas companies increase operational efficiency & productivity.

Any Device, Any Platform

GDS is technology agnostic. Use GDS Ware on any electronic device.

What that means for you? Use your current phones, tablets, and laptops.

Multiple Deployment Types

Install GDS in our cloud, your own cloud, or use a private instance.

What that means for you? Choose the deployment that best suits your company needs.


Create your own fields, your own custom forms, and your own processes - all in an intuitive format that any user can acomplish.

What that means for you? Design GDS to fit your business without any intervention from GDS.


Aggregate and compare your data to historical production. View historical data to make educated decisions.

What that means for you? You'll be able to take mountains of data and compressed and aggregated for you to make quick informed decisions.


Define roles and functions for what you want your users to see, and what data.

What that means for you?You won't have to create external data stores for sensitive or classified information.


Subject matter experts in accounting, engineering, and data collection. On site help desk available 24x7.

What that means for you? Always get your questions answered by individuals with industry experience, on time.

Trying to cut costs?

Integrate and Eliminate.
GDS Ware Integration GDS Ware Integration

Why choose Us

Tired of using applications that require an engineering degree to use? That don't allow you to create your own reports or fields? That don't even have a built in integration paths? Then look no further.

Our Mission

GDS Ware delivers the right data to the right people at the right time. Centralized data management allows enhanced collaboration between departments to improve the decision-making across the production life-cycle.

What you get

Cutting-edge data management and analytics strategies to production operations to turn information into decisions. The value of real-time data is unlocked by exploring and utilizing analytics in order optimize production.

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