Asset Management

Track your Inventory.

Manage Inventory Intelligently

Always know where your inventory is.

In order for O&G companies to optimize production they need to ensure their facilities are operating flawlessly. One of the major keys to maximizing production and reducing OPEX is minimizing unplanned downtime. This is why it is extremely important for companies to efficiently and effectively manage all of their assets. GDS Ware’s Asset Management System allows users to quickly locate and access all information pertaining to an asset.

Integrated Asset Management

Have one location to track your assets.

Real time Analytics.

Production Data Analytics help companies decrease OPEX by providing decision makers with the insight on how to boost production and prevent downtime.

  • Quickly search, sort and filter through all assets to quickly shift assets to optimize production.
  • Access a complete digital record of an asset that contains all of your pertinent information.
  • View assets geographically to quickly determine quickly locate assets by facility.
  • Generate QR Codes for assets so that employees can scan the code to auto populate asset information on forms.
  • Tank strappings are saved to properly calculate BOPD.
  • Attach any type of files and pictures to as assets digital record.
  • View a full history of an asset including when it was transferred, who transferred and where it was transferred to.
  • Create a Preventative Maintenance (PM) schedule to ensure all assets are serviced at the right intervals.
  • Print and export lists of assets into PDF’s or Excel files.