Division Order Interest

Software that let's you decide your process.

Manage your Payment process

Mailing out revenue checks to owners every month can be extremely time consuming. Companies can save an enormous amount of time each month by implementing an efficient system that reduces manual effort.

Generating Receipts

Easily create Revenue receipts to automatically calculate how much is owed to each owner.

Division of Interest Workflow

Decision makers can review, electronically sign and approve checks using any smartphone, tablet or computer from anywhere in the world.

Division of Interest Management

Manage all receipts in a single, centralized location. Track the status of revenue checks.


Integaret with other accounting systems such as SAP, Oracle, JDE and more.


Export DOIs into a PDF or an Excel file. Print any Revenue receipt. Create custom DOI Reports and schedule them to be generated and emailed either daily, weekly or monthly.


GDS Ware gives administrators the ability to create, edit and remove division of interest user fields so that you only have relevant information on your DOIs.

Division Order Process

Can it be this Easy?

Designed to Streamline Division Order Payments.

Welcome to the Next Generation of Productive Software.

Pay & mail your revenue and payments by clicking one button.

  • Streamline your existing DOI process from the point oil is sold through revenue checks being mailed.
  • Payout revenue faster and keep your investors happy. Track payments and have a fully auditable history.
  • Manage all of your DOIs in one central location to maintain the highest level of visibility and accountability.
  • Eliminate writing, signing, packaging and mailing checks and maximize your teams productivity.