Field Data Capture

The power to capture any data, on any device, at any time.


Capture the data you want to, with the device you want to

Capture any type of data

Gauge Sheets, Run Tickets, Drilling and Completions Reports, Workover Reports, Well Tests and more.

Access on any device

Use any smartphone, tablet or computer to capture data. GDS Ware even works in an offline mode when a data connect isn’t present.

Secure Your Forms

Allow users only to see the the forms you want with field level security.

SCADA Integration

Integrate with various types of SCADA devices to automate data population. All of your gauge sheet and SCADA data in one location.

Data Validation

Instant data validation ensures information input is correct to help you avoid data correction later on.


Easily create custom forms with custom fields to capture precise data values.

Real time data capture to drive your real time analytics.


GDS Ware is the most flexible Field Data Capture application on the market. Other applications take an antiquated approach and box O&G companies into a set way to collect data. Through our experience, we know that each company is unique and so are their needs. Data collection is an integral part of daily production operations and companies should be able to capture the exact information they want. Our system allows field workers to input their daily reports using any smartphone, tablet or computer. This helps companies become technology agnostic and drive a “Bring Your Own initiative. The major benefit here is avoiding the high costs associated with purchasing all new devices.