Report Designer

If You Can Drag & Drop - You Can Create a Report.

Simple & Powerful Reporting.


Create A Report in Under 2 minutes.

One of the biggest problem throughout the industry is that employees can’t easily generate the reports that they need. Boost your employees’ productivity by empowering them with report generating capabilities.

GDS Ware’s Report Designer makes it extremely easy for users to drag and drop values to create a fully customized report. Reports can be saved and shared between teams to promote collaboration. Users can also schedule reports to be automatically generated and emailed daily, weekly, monthly or annually.

100's of Canned Reports.

  • Production Reporting & Forecasts.
  • Drilling and Completions Reports.
  • Expense Reports.
  • Workover Reports.
  • KPI Reports.
  • Oil & Water Run Tickets.
  • Accounts Payable Reports.
  • Accounts Receivable Reports.
  • Accounts Receivable Reports.
  • Accounts Receivable Reports.
  • AFE Estimates vs Actuals.
  • and More.
AFE Process

Empower your users.

Welcome to the Next Generation of Productive Software.

  • Reports are generated, distributed and managed in a single environment.
  • Users can create their own reports or modify existing reports without the help of IT or GDS Ware.
  • No additional fees for additional reports.
  • Security roles ensure reports are only visible to the right users.
  • Reports on can be accessed on mobile devices to create a higher level of enterprise mobility.
  • Workflow Automation supercharges your reports by generate specific reports when exact conditions are met. This ensures decisions makers instantly have access to vital information to avoid emergencies and ultimately reduce OPEX.
  • Centralized and integrated data allows reports to be pulled from multiple sources. For example: Production reports can include gauge sheets input by pumpers and data collected from SCADA devices.
  • Users can filter data on reports down to the exact information they wish to see.
  • Export any report to a PDF or Excel file.