Workflow Designer

Create your own logic to follow your business processes.

Design your own code.

Found softwares unable to follow your business processes? Having to integrate and join solutions to meet your needs? GDS Ware empowers you with a breakthrough technology that allows you to create any business process you have inside of GDS right out of the box.

Endless possiblities - limitless benefits.

A few examples.

  • Prevent Equipment Failure - Employees can automatically receive notifications and be assigned a preventative maintenance service form as a task.
  • Production Monitoring - Receive a notification and automatically generate when a facility's production deviates outside of a 10% threshold.
  • Demand Accuracy - Restart a workflow if a form doesn't meet all of the necessary requirements.
  • Document Incidents - Automatically generate and assign an Incident Form to an employee who enters "Spill" on their Daily Activity Report.
  • Manage Leases - Receive notifications prior to a lease expiring.
  • Get Paid Faster - Send out automatic email reminders to outstanding accounts.
  • Pay Out Revenue Faster - Automatically send out Revenue Checks that have been approved and signed.
  • Scrap Data Sets - Receive notifications when set parameters are met using GDS Ware's geospatial tools.
  • SCADA Connectivity - Send notifications to employees if SCADA devices lose connectivity for a set amount of time.

How Does it Work?

Welcome to the Next Generation of Productive Software.

Workflow enables companies to set triggers to automatically create tasks, notifications, emails and much more. Workflow automation consist of Rules, Decisions and a Workflow Design. Rules are essentially formulas that are created to determine whether a value is less than, equal to or more than an specified amount. Decisions simply determine whether a specific set of Rules are true or false and are pushed to their respective next step in the workflow design.